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Terms of Service

Terms of service

Use of our image license 

allowed The quantity of items that use our textures Unlimited
allowed The quantity of impressions that use our textures Unlimited
allowed The maximum resolution usable for web, software and 3d Projects / renders Unlimited
allowed License Duration 90 Days
allowed Creation of Items for Resale or Items for Free Distribution Allowed

Examples of permitted usage:

  • Digital use: 3d renders, posters, 3d animation, videogames (example second life), apps, templates of advertising banners; web templates; templates of documents; templates of presentations (PowerPoint, Flash, etc.); other templates; screen savers; wallpapers; software (for PC and mobile devices); e-cards or e-mails; e-books; movies or videos, etc.;
  • Printed use: 3d renders; posters; menus; business cards; books with illustrations; stationery; folders; notebooks; pens; pencils; stickers; charms; calendars; mugs and glasses; mouse pads; T-shirts; clothing, tiles, toys, etc..

With each image license purchased you will obtain the license for the use of that image. A link to the high resolution file will be sended to you by email as well.

Here are explained some image license example of use:

  • You (or your client) want to use our texture to create an image for a book intended for Resale in stores.

  • You (or your client) want to use our texture to create an image to be printed on a T-shirt for Resale in stores.

  • You (or your client) want to use our texture to use it in a videogame for Free Distribution (via free download for example: second life). 

  • You (or your client) want to use our texture to use it in the design of an e-card or postcard for Free Distribution.


The image license

The textures, images, thumbnails, from website may only be used as a part of artwork or project. Single reselling or redistributing of these textures or any other content downloaded on website is prohibited.

The image license purchased on is non-exclusive, meaning that you do not have exclusive rights to use the content, can license the same content to other customers.

The image license rights granted to you are non-transferable and non-sublicensable, meaning that you cannot transfer or sublicense them to anyone else except for your employer, client or subcontractor.


Watermarked Images

You are allowed to use our watermarked images/textures on a complimentary basis for test or sample (comp) use only. All our watermarked images / textures cannot be used in any final materials or any publicly available materials and may only be used for the 90 days following download.


Extended license owners

If you own our extended license obtained with the old terms and conditions (before April 1 2018) your subscription agreement will be valid for use any photo / texture downloaded before April 1 2018 for a 180 day period from the purchased date under the terms and conditions described in this page. After 1 April 2018 any other photo-license have to be purchased individually.


Image license termination

After you purchase an image license, subscription agreements terminate automatically at the end of the subscription period, with a 90 day grace period to use any image downloaded during the subscription term in a project or other end use. Images incorporated into projects or end uses prior to the expiration of the grace period may continue to be used in perpetuity in that project and in any other projects. Any content not included in a project at the end of the 90 day grace period is not considered licensed and must be deleted. Any image that is used within the 90 day grace period remains subject to the terms of this agreement.



Except when required by law, shall be under no obligation to issue refunds under any circumstances. All fees are non-refundable, even if your image license is terminated before its expiration.



If is required to collect indirect sales taxes, under the laws of your state or country of residence, you shall be liable for payment of any such indirect tax. Where or you are required to collect or remit direct or indirect taxes, you may be required to self-assess said tax under the applicable laws of your country of residence.



The creators of are not liable in any way for damages or litigation that may arise when using or downloading content contained on all pages related to The users knowledge that they assume all risk and/or responsibility when using and viewing this site or using our texture / images. Please use your own legal discretion and resources concerning any liability issues. If you use content that features models or property in connection with a subject that would be unflattering or unduly controversial to a reasonable person (for example, sexually transmitted diseases), you must indicate: (1) that the content is being used for illustrative purposes only, and (2) any person depicted in the content is a model. Do false representation of authorship is prohibited. You may not falsely represent that you are the original creator of a work that is made up largely of licensed content. For instance, you cannot create a painting based solely on licensed content and claim that you are the author.

All brand, logos or product names are or may be trademarks of and are used to identify products and services of, their respective owners. This website, ( reserve the right to modify or revise these Terms of Use at any time.


What type of information do we collect?

We may collect personal information through our interactions with those with whom we do business, such as clients who use our textures / images. The personal information we collect are information about an individual that is relevant to the use of our textures / images. For example, we may collect an customer name, contact details, in case of copyright violation we can always check. In some cases, we may be required by law to collect personal information, for example, under copyright legislation. If we don’t collect this information, we may not be able to fulfill an individual’s request or provide our services.


Do we collect personal information online?

We collect personal information you provide via our website such as name, address and email addresses. We will only record this information for the purpose for which it was provided and we will not disclose it without obtaining your consent to do so or as otherwise permitted by law.


How do we use personal information?

Your information are in our server and are used for copyright record purposes. We don't store in our database credit card numbers or bank information, the payment is processed only trough



If you have a question about the legal use of any of these images / textures please E mail us and ask us about it.



A World Of Textures

Here you can download all type of texture map you need to use in your software Cinema 4D, LightWave, Maya, 3D Studio MAX, Rhino, Bryce, Poser, 3D Studio R4, and other. Create titles or logos with our photoshop brushes, patterns, and textures. Download today our High resolution seamless texture patterns for Photoshop or 3d. The most popular textures we have are the medieval details and stone ornaments, medieval walls, medieval doors, people in png with alpha, rusty metal, excavator, etc. The most downloaded are also our medieval ornaments from Italy, Greece, Croatia, and England, all original and old european textures from old downtowns. Download for free our ancient and medieval seamless bricks textures for 3d mapping of old castles and churches. For the use of the textures on this website you agree to the Terms Of Use. In the image database you can expect high resolution images of metals, floors, skin, wood, rock, walls etc. Mostly photographic textures.( texturas, texturen, texture) Our texture license can be used in your personal/commercial works. The size of the textures range goes from 2600x1920 to 3560x2520. Most of our images are raw unprocessed. This is done deliberately. We could never determine what textures are useful or not for your projects. All textures are in jpg or jpeg format. We rescale all the textures perspective in photoshop, is a good way to make the texture mapping easy to use and perfect, our images are made from a nikon digital cameras. We have lots of textures and this amount grow more every year. Thank you for using lughertexture.